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                       These premier motor diagnostics courses will empower you to identify
                       ALL electric motor issues after just a few days of hands-on training!

                                Improve your plant's electrical efficiency and save your company money!  This cutting-edge motor
                                diagnostics training will produce immediate ROI in both plant uptime and CEU's earned. 


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Bill Kruger, Instructor

                                    ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR

        Bill Kruger will impart the knowledge you need to properly test ALL aspects of energized and
        de-energized motors.   Bill has guided many Fortune 500 companies when implementing their 
        own in-plant PdM Programs.

        Bill Kruger, world-renowned for his Theory and Application of Motor Diagnostics courses,
        will explain electric motor theory ans operation in a straightforward, easy-to-understand
        manner.  With this knowledge, attendees can then truly understand how to properly test ALL 
        aspects of energized and de-energized motors.  Upon conclusion of the course, students
        will have a comprehensive view of the principles and solutions needed to diagnose electric
        motor system issues.  Additionally, they will be armed with the expertise needed to implement
        a reliable predictive maintenance program in their facility. Click here for more information.

This accredited training course incorporates Bill's 40+ years of proven international field experience to allow you to quickly and easily identify the issues that plague your electrical reliability program, while earning valuable Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain up-to-date credentials.  Through these courses, Bill has guides many Fortune 500 companies when implementing their own in-plant PdM Programs.  
                                                                                                                              Click here to view the course catalog.

                                                        The MCA™ and ESA Electrical Motor Maintenance Courses prepare you to efficiently
                                                                                                                   and effectively perform:

                                                 Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) 
                         •  Evaluate motor winding systems and identify rotor
                         •  Test DC motors and transformers using MCA™
                             troubleshooting and analysis instruments        
                         •  Utilize MCA™ software for advanced analysis
                             and to generate reports
                         •  Learn how to incorporate de-energized
                            testing into your current Motor Testing
                            Program and improve your motor diagnostics
                         •  Improve inventory integrity via MCA™
                            acceptance testing

                                                  3 days - 2.5 CEU credits
                                                      $1695 USD/person
                                          Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)

                     •  Identify, prevent and correct both mechanical faults
                        and electrical failures within dynamic motor systems
                     •  Utilize ESA analysis software to capture data from
                        an energized motor and identify faults in the motor 
                     •  Perform both local and remote testing and conduct
                        automatic analysis using ESA
                     •  Learn how to incorporate energized testing into your
                        current Predictive Maintenance Program

                                            2.5 days - 2.3 CEU credits
                                                   $1695 USD/person
                                                                                                                    Combined 5-day course - 3.8 CEU credits
                                                                                                                   $2295 USD/person - Save more than $1000
                                                                       Don't miss out on these premier MCA™ and ESA Electrical Motor Maintenance Courses!
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